Brief on Afghan Refugee


•  The first ever census of Afghan citizens living in Pakistan was carried out in February/March 2005 that established these numbers of Afghans in Pakistan at 3.049 million.

•  Under the auspices of the Tripartite Agreement of March 2003 between the Governments of Pakistan & Afghanistan and the UNHCR in March 2003, the Afghan refugees are repatriated to their home-country on voluntary basis. The Agreement is valid upto 31-12-2006.

•  Over2.7 million Afghan Refugees have voluntarily repatriated since March,2002. In 2005, 0.442 million repatriation against the planned target0.4 million for the year, leaving the present Afghan population in Pakistan at 2.607 million.

•  Repatriation from non-camps was 82% in 2002, 65% in 2003, 58% in 2004 and 55% in 2005 out of total repatriated during these years.

•  The registration of Afghans in Pakistan is considered of prime importance. A Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Pakistan and the UNHCR is expected to be signed in the near future to carry out the registration, which will cover the Afghans enumerated in the census-2005.

•  The census indicates that 61.2% of the Afghans originate from the 06 Provinces in Afghanistan i.e. Nangarhar(17.2%), Kabul(10.75%), Kandahar (9.8%), Kunduz(8.4%), Paktya(8.3%) and Kunar(6.8%).

•  8 new camps in Balochistan with a population of 127,000 individuals and 7 in FATA/NWFP with a population of 64,000 individuals, which were established after 9/11 incidence, have been closed in 2004.

•  10 camps in North Waziristan, Kurram & Bajaur Agencies, which had population of 131,552 individuals, have been closed in 2005.

•  Katchi Abadi in Islamabad(Sector I/11), which had a population of 15,728 individuals has been vacated by Afghan refugees voluntarily in 2005.