Tripartite Agreement for Repatriation

Governmentof Pakistan and UNHCR have jointly finalized a draft TripartiteAgreement proposed to be signed by UNHCR, Government of Pakistan andinterim Administration of Afghanistan (for voluntary repatriation ofAfghan Refugees). This process is expected to be finalized soon,envisaging repatriation of Afghan Refugees on voluntary basis over aperiod of 5 to 6 years. The draft Agreement has been submitted for theapproval of the Cabinet.

Upto May, 2002, as many as 404671 Afghan Refugees have gone back to Afghanistan voluntarily through Voluntary Repatriation Center (VRC) established jointly by the UNHCR and Ministry of KANA & SAFRON.

UNHCRand WFP would require a huge amount of assistance from theinternational community and donor agencies to implement this plan forrepatriation. If continuous and sufficient cash flows are not ensuredby the international donor community, the whole process initiated at anencouraging pace will suffer adversely.

Repatriationof Afghan Refugees will largely depend on the fulfillment of pledgesmade by the international community in Tokyo Conference in January2002.

Repatriation of Afghan Refugees from urban Areas

Repatriation of 1.44 million Afghan Refugees residing in the urban areas of Pakistan is being planned in collaboration with the UNHCR. The latter has already set up an office in Karachi. KANA & SAFRON Division will also be opening a sub-office in Karachi. Repatriation of the first contingent of Afghan refugees from Karachihas started with effect from first week of April 2002, (as intimated byUNHCR). By now 15106 Afghans from Sindh/Karachi have repatriated to Afghanistan.