The following guidelines/procedure will be followed for making selection/nominations against FATA reserved seats in various Professional/ Educational Institutions across the country:-
The schedule of each academic session will be advertised in the press by the Joint Admission Committee, Khyber Medical College, Peshawar in respect of (MBBS) seats reserved for FATA candidates in various Medical/Dental Colleges of the country, while the NWFP University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar will advertise the schedule for reserved seats of (B. Sc Engineering);

Applications will be submitted by the candidates directly to Joint Admission Committee, Peshawar for seeking admission in MBBS (1st  year ) while applications for B.Sc Engineering.  will be submitted to NWFP University of Engineering. & Technology, Peshawar;

A meeting of the Joint Admission Committee will be convened for conducting interview of the eligible candidates on the basis of their merit score of entry test etc. Whereas such meeting will also be arranged by the NWFP University of Engineering. & Technology, Peshawar for selection of candidates against B.Sc Engineering. seats reserved for FATA;

The choices and eligibility, etc; of the candidates will be considered during the aforesaid meetings of the Committees;

A member each from Governor’s Secretariat. (FATA), Peshawar and Ministry of SAFRON shall attend the meeting of the Committee;

A list each of Agency/FR-wise and joint/combined merit of the eligible candidates for seeking admission against (MBBS), FATA reserved seats will be submitted to the Ministry of SAFRON at least 10 days before the date of the meeting of the Committee. However, the merit lists shall not be disclosed for general public unless final notification in this regard to be issued by the Nominating Agency for admission to various Medical/Dental Colleges. Only result cards and certificates of the  entry test marks shall be issued by the Joint Admission Committee on the request of the candidates;

The allocation of Medical/Dental Colleges will however, be workout on the basis of option choices recorded by the candidates in their Admission Forms. Choices of Colleges etc; once recorded shall not be changed without cogent reasons and prior approval/permission of the authority;


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The recommendations of the Committee shall not be treated final for quoting selection of a candidates in any Court of Law;

The Nominating Agency shall however, exercise the powers to carry out corrections/changes in case of removing discrepancies or where it deem fit;

Copies of Admission/Application Forms of the candidates selected for admission for Medial/Dental Colleges other than NWFP will be sent to the Nominating Agency. The Joint Admission Committee and Governor’s Secretariat. (FATA), Peshawar shall however, not be allowed to make correspondences with Professional/Educational Institutions, directly;

Any complaint etc; by a candidate will be submitted to the respective Committee. The Committee will examine the case and submit its recommendations to the Nominating Agency (SAFRON ) for final decision;

Applications for admission against Postgraduate Classes, D.V.M. M.Ed / B.Ed, Associate Diploma and FA/ Fsc will be submitted to the Governor’s Secretariat. (FATA), Peshawar directly. Candidates will be selected by the Admission Committee, keeping in view their merit score, suitability, options and allocated quota etc;

In case a candidate nominated against FATA reserved seat does not avail the facility for which he has been nominated the Nominating Agency should be informed by him/her immediately failing which a penalty of debarring for one/two years will imposed on the defaulter candidate(s) for his/her future selection/nomination against reserved seats;

Recommendations of the Selection/Admission Committee will be considered at appropriate level in the ministry. Where the recommendations of the Governor’s Secretariat. (FATA), Peshawar need to be corrected/amended, approval of the Secretary/Minister shall be obtained before its circulation. However, in routine matters approval of the Joint Secretary (S&F) will be treated final;

Where it appear that the facility might be lapsed due to short duration and urgency, nomination of alternate alongwith the principal candidate may also be circulated to the institutions in order to save the facility.