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  Issue Date:  July 4, 2012  
  Closing Date:  July 20, 2012  

 “S” Block, 2nd Floor, Pak. Secretariat, Islamabad 


( Procurement of  Wireless  Equipment )

                    Ministry of SAFRON, Islamabad invites sealed bids from the original manufacturers/ their authorized agents/suppliers in Pakistan for supply of  Wireless Equipment of professional series (MIL Spec compliant) in the following quantities.

 Sr.No  Description  Unit  Quantity  Bid.Security
1 Wireless Equipment
i)     VHF Base Sets
ii)    VHF Mobile Sets
iii)    HF Sets         
iv)   Walkie Talkie Sets
Nos. Nos. Nos Nos.





2 % of the total bid value

 2.                          The tender will be completed in two phases to ensure credibility, transparency and procurement of quality Wireless Equipment. The first phase would be for pre-qualification wherein profile of the company and specification of the Wireless Equipment would be examined and checked for pre-qualification. It would help pre-qualify firms, suppliers manufacturers and the second phase financial bids of the pre-qualified firms will be opened in front of all bidders.

3.                             Interested eligible bidders may purchase a complete set of bidding documents containing terms and conditions from the office of the Section Officer (L.K & B) Ministry of SAFRON, Islamabad on submission of a written application alongwith payment of non-refundable fee of Rs.500/- (Five hundred only). Original bidding documents will be issued upto 20th February, 2012. However, a copy of the bidding documents is also available for information only on the website of Public Procurement Regulatory Authority ( until the closing date for submission of bids.


4.                             Single stage two envelope bidding procedure shall be applied. The bid shall comprise a single package containing two separate envelopes.  Each bid shall contain separately the financial and technical proposal.  All bids received shall be opened and evaluated in the manner prescribed in the bidding document. The amount of bid security/ earnest money in the shape of pay order/bank draft/call deposit in the name of DDO, Ministry of SAFRON is required to be supported with the bid.

5.                             Sealed bids (in duplicate) are required to reach to the office of the undersigned  through registered post or Courier Service by the interested bidders on or before 21st February, 2012  by 11:00 a.m positively. The bids received till the stipulated date/ time will be opened on 21st February, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. in presence of the bidders/ their authorized representatives.


6.                             The bidders are requested to give their best and final prices (in Pak rupee only) as no negotiations on the prices are allowed. The Purchaser reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids without assigning any reason.

Following guidelines must be noted: 

•       Both technical and Financial Bids must be submitted in Separate sealed envelopes, two inner envelopes and one outer marking the inner envelopes “1-Technical Bids, 2-Financial Bids”

•       Technical Bids will be opened immediately after the deadline for submission of bids in the presence of bidder/bidders' representative who choose to attend.

•       Conditional, incomplete, Unsigned and bid filled with lead pencil are not acceptable at all.

•       Usage of correction fluid & Corrections are strictly prohibited, if such, discrepancies should be duly initialed.

•       The suppliers must provide 2 copies of the bid alongwith the Original Bid.

7.                             The purchaser reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids without assigning any reason.




  Terms and conditions:


  Contact Person:

 Section Officer (L.K &B)
  Ministry of SAFRON, “S” Block, 2ndFloor, Pak. Secretariat, Islamabad 
  Ph:  051-9217050

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