Naheed Shah Durrani , Secretary


Ms. Naheed S. Durrani, a student of history, economics; political economy influences and private sector dynamics carries over 30 years of service in the Pakistan Administrative Service of the Government of Pakistan. She carries a diverse work experience, gained across varied sectors and organizations though largely with the public sector, however, has worked with private sector closely. With approximately 12 years of experience in in the Finance and Planning Departments, she possesses hands- on skills on fiscal and financial management; development planning and management including international development assistance. She has worked on decentralization; fiscal reforms; institutional development, HR management and procurement reforms. Also, she has put in over 5 years in Education Sector in various capacities and has worked on Education reforms and institution building. She carries a passion to work with community organizations and communities and has undertaken many assignments linked with grassroots level work.


Naheed Shah Durrani