73rd Session of Executive Committee of UNHCR

Federal Minister for SAFRON Senator Mr. Muhammad Talha Mehmood participated in 73rd Session of Executive Committee of UNHCR. In his statement the honorable Minister highlighted disastrous impacts of floods which have affected almost 33 million people including the Afghan refugees. He highlighted that with timely intervention by Government of Pakistan, the loss and damages were kept at the minimal level. He also apprised that Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees along with regional partners will facilitate addressing issues of Afghan refugees at regional level. Moreover, the honorable Minister appreciated the enhanced repatriation grant from $250 to $375 and also stressed for its further enhancement due to inflationary trends.

In his statement, the Minister highlighted the humanitarian efforts of Pakistan in Afghanistan; facilitation evacuation, establishing humanitarian corridors through air and land routes, providing food, medicines and other supplies and further urged the international community to demonstrate support and solidarity with Afghan people so that the displaced population can return to their country peacefully. He also underlined the highly stressed and over-burdened health and education sectors in Pakistan due to increase in Refugee population, low repatriation rate and new births of Afghan children and urged UNHCR to enhance the budget for these facilities.